Monday, July 7, 2014

Meshuga Monday: The Time Will Pass Anyway

     As some may know, I am working on a 60 day #couchpotatogetsfit summer challenge. I came across the above quote and the last part, "The time will pass anyway", has really been helping me make better choices.

     Often times I have grand ideas that don't come to fruition and when the date I could have had these things accomplished by comes and goes, I feel pretty bad about myself. Speaking for my students I would say they feel the exact same way when they miss their schoolwork deadlines. The problem with this is that one "failure" can snowball into several other "failures" because we think we just don't have it in us to accomplish a difficult feat. It is a real challenge to talk oneself into turning things around. Stuck in a slump myself, the idea that I might as well make the best of the time that will pass anyway sounded pretty darn good for my summer theme. Although it has only been a week since I started my challenge and I've already experienced frustration, making me want to throw in the towel (a sweaty one at that), I reminded myself that giving up after one week is not an option. I would never tell my students to give up, so I'm not going to tell myself that either.

     Often times our self-doubt, uneasiness about change, or fear of hard work gets in the way. We don't need to be perfect, so doing something is better than nothing and those little somethings will add up to a big something once the due date rolls around. It's going to take a lot longer than 60 days to get fit, but focusing on a small window of opportunity for a jump start has been helpful. I challenge everyone to make their own 60 day summer challenge and remind themselves along the way that the time will pass anyway, so might as well kick some booty along the way!