Quotes by my little owls

Amy: "Do you know what comingled means?"
Student: "Mingled together. I learned that from the Christian Mingle commercial about online dating."
     ~Well, at least watching t.v. is increasing vocabulary:)

"I feel like I already know physics. i learned it when I was a baby."
     ~Referring to her natural physics education while playing as a baby

"Close. No one cares."
     ~In response to a reminder popping up on an ipad. Glad the students are using technology to their   advantage!

"I'm so organized, oooohhhh, I forgot my notebook at home."
     ~First session of the school year. Need I say more?

"That sounds smart."
     ~In response to my suggestion of putting a label on a binder she could never remember what class it was for:)

"I'm not a bad person. I just wanted Starbucks."
     ~High schooler's reaction to getting in trouble because she went off campus.

"And then Satan said, 'Put the alphabet in math.'"
     ~High schooler's reaction to 2nd semester advanced algebra class.

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