Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Um, like, I actually came to class with a pencil."

The above is an actual quote from one of my fabulous students in response to the question, "How were you more prepared for class this past semester?" After first semester, we take time to reflect on what the students did well and what areas still need improvement. This student made honor roll for the first time and said one of the things he did well was being more prepared for class. What came to my mind was all the weekly reviewing, consistent meetings with teachers, working ahead, etc. But, as a coach, I like to ask questions and have the kiddos come up with the answers. I loved that he thought of the question in a different way than I intended and it seems like to make honor roll, all you need to do is bring a pencil to class! Awesome! 

I got a good chuckle out of his answer, but it also showed me that he has finally understood the importance of being organized and ready to learn. Something as simple as having a pencil shows responsibility and ownership of his learning, which we have spent years working on. Obviously this kiddo did a lot more than bring a pencil to class everyday, but it's a symbol for all the greater lessons he has learned. I am so proud of him and I hope all my other students get to the point of remembering their pencils, too:).