Monday, August 11, 2014

Life's Passion: Found

    I have always known that the work I do with my students is my life's passion. After all, I started StudyWise Tutoring so I could tutor and coach academically full-time. However, I realized last week that I am more enthusiastic about my work than ever before and that's pretty exciting "ish", as my lovely high school students would say. 

     Last week was my first ramped up work week since school ended in June. As a business owner, I'm always working. So, contrary to all of those "haters" (again, I learn amazing vocab from my pop culture professionals and consultants), I don't have the summer completely off! But, things have been pretty low key this summer in that I haven't been working with students, except for a few summer school kiddos. I have been busy hiring new contractors, networking, revising policies, taking an online class to renew my teaching license, and of course you can't forget the accounting. But, these are not the reasons I started my business. The kids and the families are why I do what I do. 

     So, last week I was fortunate enough to meet several new families and amazing kiddos that we will be tutoring this school year. I also awarded my first scholarship, a $3200 value, to tutor with me in August and the entire school year. The winner is an amazing young woman and I already know we will be connected for life! In addition, I had a "date" night with a fashionable and fancy student of mine who also doubles as my dog and house sitter when I'm out of town. It was fun to have girl time away from schoolwork and now that I think about it, I will need a new house and doggy sitter once she graduates in a year! Applications now being accepted. Lastly, I happily sipped coffee with a special student who will be attending U of O next year. I have missed him dearly and he made my life when he said to me, "You changed my life." In reality, these kids have changed my life, so I guess the appreciation is mutual. 

     The connections I made with students, new and old, this week immediately resulted in pure bliss and happiness. All of a sudden I had an inner energy that has been missing all summer. Now, I still am napping every day, because apparently the warm fuzzy feelings make me want to cuddle up for a nap still:) But, the happiness I feel from these students is amazing. The one problem with forming such strong bonds with some of my students is that eventually they fly on their own and leave the nest. I am a blubbering mess when I have to say goodbye to my seniors. As I write this I am actually tearing up because one of the most amazing students in my life will be moving to New York soon for college. This amazing person is pictured above. She is smart, talented, funny, beautiful, caring, and the strongest person I know. I gifted her with the necklace that was the inspiration for my blog and she is only the second girl to receive this special gift. Shea, with brave wings you will fly and without you in my life weekly, I will have to be brave too. I love you. 

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